Membership types and qualifications



  • A.  Regular:  Any person eighteen years of age or older who is presently actively engaged in installing and servicing locksets and related security hardware, with a minimum of two years experience, and deriving income from this business servicing the public in the locksmith / security field.
  • B. Apprentice:  Any person who meets the requirements for regular membership except for the two year minimum experience and / or experience in the industry.
     An apprentice member shall attend a minimum of six meetings and attending classes of instruction over a two year period to be eligible for regular membership.
  • C.  Junior Apprentice:  Any person who is at least twelve years of age but not yet eighteen years of age, presently studying the  locksmith trade under an active regular member.
  • D.  Associate:  Any locksmith, locksmith supply salesman or security industry factory representative.
          1. Associate members may not hold office or vote.

  • Dues:

Dues are $220.00 per year which will be pro-rated depending on the month you join.

Applications for membership can be obtained from the N.C.L.A. A ssociation Secretary(E-mail Link) or Downloaded from the links below.

Sponsors may submit a completed application package to the membership committee no later than 30 days prior to the meeting at which the applicant wishes their application to be considered.

  • Application package must include the following:
  1. Applications must be signed by the applicant and sponsor.
  2. $10 application fee must be included.
  3. A 3" X 3" upper torso photograph (dated).
  4. Criminal records check or police report (signed and dated).
  5. Sponsor evaluation form.
  6. Return Application Form To:
    Jeanette Busse,
     1009 Portico Place , Raleigh, NC 27603

Download one page Application for Membership (Adobe PDF File)

Download Application for Associate Membership (Adobe PDF File)




President: Paul Atkinson

First Vice President: Reid Skinner

Second Vice President: Shane Ellison

Treasurer: Jeanette Busse

Assistant Treasurer: Jennifer Richard

Sergeant At Arms: Scottie Jackson

Assistant Sergeant At Arms: Robert Derruisseaux

Secretary: Debbie Derruisseaux

Board Members

Steve Stroud 2015-2017

Roy Young  2015-2017

Johnny Hefner 2014-2016

Steve Bright 2014-2016

Michael Reaves 2013-2015

Rafe Rountree 2013-2015

Life Members  

D.W. Dowless
Frank Stewart
Bessie Mae Stewart
Walt Shrum
Steve Bright.
Reid Skinner
Ralph "Skip" Resch

Paul Atkinson

Granger Marley
Billy Marshall, Sr
Adrian Busse
Gwyn Campbell
Jeanette Busse
Dick Boynton
D.J. Mccormick, Jr.
Jerry Lewis
Laura Busse

Honorary Members

Betty Lewis
Mackey McCormick
Margaret Lewis

Chris Bernard
Ruth Estridge
Vera Beaver